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Angular development is aimed at building large-scale dynamic applications. Created by Google, Angular is an open-source JavaScript framework offering a rich toolset that helps write less code, making it well-structured, and easy to test, reuse and maintain.

Angular, a community-maintained open-source JavaScript framework by Google, serves as a versatile solution to address various software development challenges. With robust data binding and a wide range of features, it excels in web application development. It can also create mobile web, native apps, and desktop software, providing an all-in-one solution without the need for additional tools.

Angular Development Services 

Custom software development

Brine Web's Angular web development services are tailored to your unique needs and specifications. Our team of Angular consultants will support you throughout the entire development lifecycle, from conceptualization to deployment. Let's collaborate to create top-tier applications that exceed expectations!

Frontend development

Brine Web is an Angular web development company that builds engaging, intuitive, and conversion-driving web apps. Developers find a perfect balance between form and function to deliver products that become a stable source of revenue for clients and a source of enjoyment for users.

Web Applications

With Angular web development, you can expect robust, scalable, dynamic, and interactive web applications. Leveraging Angular's extensive feature set, including two-way data binding, component-based architecture, dependency injection, reactive forms, and routing, we build web apps that prioritize modularity, performance, and maintainability. Additionally, we utilize Angular Universal for server-side rendering (SSR) to enhance performance and SEO for your web apps.

UI Development

Attractive layouts. User-friendly features. Easy navigation. A dynamic user interface adds appeal to your app. Our UI designers use Angular's declarative HTML templates and JavaScript or TypeScript to create engaging, interactive, and user-friendly UIs.

Angular Mobile App Development

Angular, although not the conventional choice for mobile development, is a potent tool for creating cross-platform iOS and Android apps. By combining Angular with frameworks like Ionic or Apache Cordova, we can reuse code effectively and produce native-like mobile applications across platforms. This approach dramatically reduces time to market and allows for efficient development of mobile apps with Angular's robust capabilities.

Progressive Web Applications (PWAs)

Looking for a web application that delivers a native-like UX experience to a broad audience? PWAs, though now less relevant, are still a solid option to combine the best of both worlds. Our developers use Angular, Workbox, and other tools to build PWAs. Our progressive web apps are engaging and interactive.

Benefits of Angular Development Services:

A Cross-platform Development:

Besides providing a progressive web application solution, Angular Development Services enables developers to structure the application in a way that it can be run across multiple platforms. the framework allows the developers to structure the application in a way that it can be run across multiple platforms. 

A High-quality Application:

Indeed, Angular is a comprehensive platform with various structural elements like Injectors, Components, Pipes, Services, and more. These components provide developers with the flexibility to create a wide range of applications. The extensive set of built-in features in Angular contributes to the high quality of applications built on the platform. With Angular developers have access to a powerful toolkit that enables them to tackle complex requirements and deliver robust solutions.

Enhances Speed as well as Performance:

The diverse capabilities of the Angular framework, take the matter of template syntax, routers or CLI, etc, for example, make the work of development easier. The application of such elements makes the work easier and enables quick loading. Moreover, the framework is highly compatible with the different backend languages that allow the display of the gathered data in the UI with ease.

Technical Benefits:

Angular comes with many technical benefits. Starting from detailed documentation to having the Angular command-line interface that makes the developer’s job easy, from having a two-way data binding, to having differential loading which allows the creation of two kinds of bundles, the technical benefits that Angular comes with are indescribable.

Why Choose Brine Web For Angular Web Development?

Brine Web, a top-notch Angular web development company, is dedicated to engineering best-in-class Angular web development solutions that push your business to the next level. Our certified Angular development team has a decade of experience in handling complex projects and offers innovative, secure, and high-quality web development solutions.

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- Best code practices

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Frequently Asked Questions

Angular is a framework widely used to build dynamic web applications, including single-page applications. It’s also used for enterprise applications, real-time applications, progressive web apps, e-commerce applications, data visualization dashboards, and more. Additionally, it can be used in combination with frameworks like Iconic or NativeScript to build mobile applications.

When looking for a leading Angular development company, prioritize their technical expertise in Angular, review their project portfolio for relevant experience, and consider client testimonials for insights into their reliability and performance. These key factors will guide you in selecting a company that best fits your project needs.

Angular is a platform and framework for building single-page client applications using HTML and TypeScript. Angular is written in TypeScript.

Protractor is an end-to-end testing framework designed specifically for Angular web applications. It is a widely used development tool among Angular developers due to its features, ease of use, & efficiency

Entrepreneurs have preferred using Angular for building strong scalable web applications because of its efficiency, fast development speed, and ease of integration with other platforms.

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