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Navigate the future with Automotive App – A game-changer in the world of smart driving, bringing tech and style to every mile!

Brine Web is a next-generation automotive app development firm offering feature-rich and highly automated applications using advanced technologies and the latest development frameworks. Our dedicated engineers with extensive experience of having worked in the automotive industry focus on delivering fully optimized applications suitable to your company’s needs and requirements. Our professionals provide the best quality services and cost-effective solutions using the latest technologies and frameworks including ERP and CRM solutions, Business intelligence, Data warehousing solutions, and Dealer management systems.

Automotive Development Services

Custom Automotive Development Services

We have a team whose area of expertise is developing unique automotive solutions for each of our clients. Our team of professionals offers comprehensive development services to create high-quality and cutting-edge solutions for the automotive sector, from concept design to prototype manufacture.

Automotive Consulting Services

Our automotive consulting services assist businesses in the automotive sector with operational optimization, efficiency enhancement, and revenue growth. We offer expertise in fields including manufacturing, marketing, technology, and supply chain management, and we offer specialized solutions to match the specific demands of our clients.

Automotive Mobile App Development Services

Among the services we offer at our automotive software development company is the development of mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms. Our team of talented developers builds tailored apps that satisfy your company's requirements and keep consumers interested. We guarantee an easy development process from ideation to deployment.

CRM Automotive Services

Your CRM Automotive Services offer valuable solutions for the automobile industry, addressing critical needs such as client data management, sales lead tracking, and customer satisfaction enhancement.

Automotive Maintenance & Support Services

We provide thorough automobile maintenance and support services, including regular inspections, oil changes, brake checks, tire rotations, engine diagnostics, and more. We are a top automotive software development business. Our skilled technicians employ the most up-to-date tools and methods to keep your car running smoothly and safely.

Benefits of Automotive Software Development

Manufacturing and Production:

Streamlined Processes: Software solutions optimize manufacturing processes, enhancing efficiency and reducing production time, leading to cost savings and increased productivity.

Quality Control: Advanced software ensures stringent quality control, minimizing defects and ensuring consistent product standards.

Supply Chain Management: Indeed, software plays a vital role in managing the supply chain effectively, optimizing inventory, and facilitating smooth logistics operations in the automotive industry

Vehicle Performance and Safety:

Improved Performance: Automotive software plays a crucial role in enhancing the performance of vehicles, leading to several benefits such as improved fuel efficiency, reduced emissions, and better overall driving experience. 

Enhanced Safety Features: Advanced safety software enables the implementation of features like adaptive cruise control, collision avoidance, lane departure warning, and autonomous emergency braking, making driving safer for passengers and pedestrians.

Autonomous Driving:

Increased Safety: Self-driving software reduces human errors, potentially leading to a significant decrease in accidents and road fatalities.

Efficiency and Productivity: Autonomous vehicles can optimize routes, reduce traffic congestion, and enhance transportation efficiency, benefiting both individuals and businesses.

Our Vision



Our only fuel is our client’s success and we firmly believe in creating long-term business relationships.

User Experience

User Experience

We create solutions for startups to enterprises keeping in mind the interest of its users.



The world is moving at a very fast pace and we keep up with it with our futuristic development.

Ethic and Credo

Ethic and Credo

We firmly believe in maintaining our business relationship with our clients which only comes with strong ethics.

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The elements of a start-up are always dynamic. Work cultre is fuelled with new ideas, extravagant enthusiasm. This leads to demand of flexible working models and we at TechGropse ensure to provide the same.


Small Business

Small Business owners often come up with the most brilliant ideas. Our team makes sure to cater to their every demand. It is in our specilization to help businesses achieve their desired success.


Mid Enterprises

These organizations are budding to be a tycoon in industry. Understanding the same we work with them to build custom solutions that polishes their wheels to reach favourable results.



Enterprises need to keep their name on top in the market. Their business processes can be eased by mobile apps, CRM solutions, HRMS solutions to production processing solutions

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Frequently Asked Questions

It will typically depend on the type of car washing service you wish to deliver. In the modern era, car wash is one of the best industries for investment as it delivers assured and the best ROI.

Brine Web is one of the best car wash app development companies as we offer customizable car washing and detailing app solutions with the best-possible solutions. We offer advanced features like in-app payments, smart analytics system, tracking panel, advanced dispatch, and so more. You can go through preview of the app in our demo application.

We offer the source for our car wash and detailing app development solutions. Still, you will require expertise if you wish to modify the same.

The total development time for a car wash application project will depend on different project-specific factors. Some of these are number of features included, quality of interface, technological requirements, development expertise, and preferences related to execution and performance.