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Brine Web is known for offering world-class logistics app development solutions to our clients worldwide. Being a well-known and reliable transport and logistics app development service provider, we are confident that we can create custom solutions matching clients’ exact requirements. Our team of transport & logistic app developers understands the client’s business needs and objectives to come up with the best suitable tailored solutions that ensure the maximum ROI.

We have experts in making special software for logistics – the type that properly suits what your business requires. We don’t just build the same thing for everyone; we listen to you and create something that will help you achieve your goals. Our team is well-versed in logistics and uses the newest technology like AI and data analysis to make our software even better and smarter. This means that your company will use the best tools available, enabling you to stay competitive. 

Logistics and Transportation Management Services

L&T Management Consulting

Let's collaborate to identify areas for improvement, paving the way for cost reduction and efficiency enhancement.

L&T Software Development

Harnessing the latest technologies is essential for developing scalable, user-friendly applications that meet the demands of modern users.

Third-Party Integrations

Integrating your software with ERP systems, CRM tools e-commerce platforms, and other third-party solutions is crucial for ensuring smooth data exchange and enhancing the functionality of your application. 

Support and Maintenance

We address technical issues, perform routine maintenance tasks, and provide timely assistance to ensure uninterrupted operation.

Legacy Software Re-engineering

We analyze your current system, identify limitations, and breathe new life into it using cutting-edge technologies and industry best practices.

Features Of Logistic App Development 

Easy Tracking

The application provides easy tracking of goods and services. We offer such kind of transportation services to the business owners.

Asset Tracking

You can track physical assets by scanning barcode labels easily. It helps you to track through GPS.

Route Management

You can manage your route for transfer through the application.

Distribution Management

Where to distribute the goods and services and who will receive them. All the information can be managed through the app.

Manufacturing Management

The application includes some features which can be helpful for the manufacturer as well.

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Our only fuel is our client’s success and we firmly believe in creating long-term business relationships.

User Experience

User Experience

We create solutions for startups to enterprises keeping in mind the interest of its users.



The world is moving at a very fast pace and we keep up with it with our futuristic development.

Ethic and Credo

Ethic and Credo

We firmly believe in maintaining our business relationship with our clients which only comes with strong ethics.

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The elements of a start-up are always dynamic. Work cultre is fuelled with new ideas, extravagant enthusiasm. This leads to demand of flexible working models and we at TechGropse ensure to provide the same.


Small Business

Small Business owners often come up with the most brilliant ideas. Our team makes sure to cater to their every demand. It is in our specilization to help businesses achieve their desired success.


Mid Enterprises

These organizations are budding to be a tycoon in industry. Understanding the same we work with them to build custom solutions that polishes their wheels to reach favourable results.



Enterprises need to keep their name on top in the market. Their business processes can be eased by mobile apps, CRM solutions, HRMS solutions to production processing solutions

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Internet (and more generally TCP/IP networks) makes available two transport protocols to applications, namely, UDP (User Datagram Protocol) and TCP (Transmission Control Protocol).

A logistics app development process eliminates the need to manually fill out paper forms and place service orders. Using e-bills, you can make online payments, confirm delivery proof electronically, and track delivery. Thus, it provides easier access to data and saves time and waste of money & paper

Ola is one of the most popular transport apps in India, with a large network of drivers and a wide range of vehicle options. It offers services such as Ola Micro, Ola Mini, Ola Prime, and Ola Rentals, which cater to different needs and budgets.

The main objective of logistics management is to execute proper planning on transportation modes and inventory available to satisfy the customers. This leads to a smooth freight moving process and timely delivery of products or goods.

Logistics is an important link in the supply chain as it facilitates the movement of goods from suppliers to manufacturers and then to sellers or distributors and eventually to buyers. A supply chain is essentially a series of transactions. If logistics fails, the supply chain fails and transactions grind to a halt.